Finding Your Way/Parking



Helpful maps include the hospital campus and the first and second floors and are available at information desks and other locations throughout the hospital. If you can't readily find a copy, inquire at the main information desk in the hospital lobby. Feel free to ask any employee for assistance in locating any room or service in the hospital.

  • You may enter Piedmont Augusta through the main front entrance.
  • All non-emergency patients and visitors, including maternity patients, enter through the main lobby.
  • Maternity patients enter through the W.G. Watson, M.D., Women's Center entrance in the main lobby and take the dedicated elevator directly to the third floor.
  • Heart and vascular patients and visitors can park in the Heart & Vascular Institute's dedicated flat parking lot off St. Sebastian Way. PLEASE NOTE: If you have chest pain or suspect that you might be having a heart attack, go immediately to the Emergency Department.
  • Day Surgery patients go directly to the Day Surgery Center adjacent to Medical Building 2. You may park in the lot directly across from the center or in the parking deck at St. Sebastian Way and Walton Way.
  • Patients having a cardiac catheterization go directly to the Cardiac Catheterization Lab on the second floor of the Heart & Vascular Institute.
  • Patients having a procedure in the Endoscopy Suite enter through the main entrance and report to A.M. Admit, which is located to the right of the main lobby elevators. After registering here, patients are escorted to the Endoscopy Suite on the second floor.
  • A number of outpatient procedures are done at Piedmont Augusta's Outpatient Center. Patients should report to Central Registration on the second floor of the Outpatient Center at your scheduled check-in time.
  • Outpatient lab procedures are performed on the first floor of the Outpatient Center. Report directly to the Outpatient Laboratory on the first floor.


There is no charge for visitor parking in any of the decks or lots on campus. Piedmont Augusta is, however, not responsible for loss from or damage to vehicles. The visitors' deck offers convenient access to the main entrance. Handicapped parking spaces are located in all campus parking lots. If the patient you are picking up is being discharged from the hospital through the main entrance under the covered walkway, please leave your car in the visitors' parking lot until your patient has arrived in the main lobby. You may then drive to the main entrance to pick up the patient. If you are a patient or visitor in the Heart & Vascular Institute, please park in the flat lot located off of St. Sebastian Way.

Valet Parking

Piedmont Augusta now offers valet parking services to our patients and guests Monday through Friday at the main hospital from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. This service is free to seniors older than 65 and vehicles with a current, state-issued handicap designation. All other visitors can use this service for $3.

Valet attendants are available from 4-7 p.m. at the main hospital to retrieve valet-parked vehicles. Vehicles left after those times can be retrieved by Security.

Our Emergency Department parking lot is attended 24/7 by a ParkMed Escort Cart.

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