About Piedmont Augusta's Outpatient Center

Piedmont Augusta has nearly 300,000 patient visits annually for outpatient testing, which prompted the creation of Piedmont Augusta's Outpatient Center in 2007. This essentially created a "second front door" to the hospital.

Some features of the center include:

  • A newly expanded flat parking lot outside the front door dedicated to the Outpatient Center, with wheelchair assistance and security attendants
  • A dedicated parking area for patient drop-off and pick-up
  • A greeter to assist patients with directions
  • A call-ahead service for patients with standing laboratory orders so they can call and let the staff know what time they are coming, allowing the staff to pull their paperwork and have everything ready when they arrive
  • New mechanical beds in the pre-op testing area that can be lowered or raised for added comfort for elderly patients or patients with other physical limitations
  • Seven registration areas on the second floor to help expedite paperwork
  • Volunteers to help with directions or serve as escorts to the service areas

In addition to being a more accessible, patient-friendly facility, Piedmont Augusta's Outpatient Center also is a testament to the dedication and generosity of the thousands of employees at Piedmont Augusta, who donated more than $800,000 to Piedmont Augusta Foundation's capital campaign in support of the project.