Oupatient Surgical Services

Not all surgical procedures require hospitalization, and Piedmont Augusta offers the following centers for your outpatient surgical needs.

Surgical Services
Second floor
Main Hospital
1350 Walton Way
Augusta, GA 30901

Endoscopy Suite
Second Floor
Main Hospital
1350 Walton Way
Augusta, GA 30901

Day Surgery Center
818 St. Sebastian Way
Augusta, GA 30901

Surgery Center of Columbia County
4300 University Parkway
Evans, GA 30809

Piedmont Augusta's Day Surgery Center

Nationally, more than 20 million procedures are performed annually on an outpatient basis, made possible by tremendous technological advances and rapid-acting drugs and anesthetics that reduce surgery and recovery time. Patients having procedures performed through the Day Surgery Center are admitted first thing in the morning and discharged that afternoon to recover at home. Piedmont Augusta's Day Surgery Center-Main Campus is adjacent to the main hospital. It features five operating rooms, two-day surgery minor rooms, a 10-bay recovery unit and 16 pre-operative recovery rooms. Click here for detailed instructions about your Day Surgery appointment.

Surgery Center of Columbia County

Located in the heart of Piedmont Augusta's Evans campus, the Surgery Center of Columbia County provides a convenient, safe and sophisticated alternative to the traditional hospital experience. Our patients receive high-quality surgical and gastroenterology care and are able to return to the comfort of their home the same day. Find out more.

Physician Finder
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Reviewed: 12-1-21
Updated: 12-1-21