What to Do Before Your Surgery

Where do I register?

Plan on arriving at least two hours prior to your scheduled procedure time. This will allow adequate time to register and complete the preparation procedure. Patients should report to the Day Surgery registration area on the first floor of the Day Surgery unit. The Day Surgery unit is located adjacent to the Medical Building 2.

Where do I park?

Parking is available in the parking lot in front of the main hospital directly across from the Day Surgery Unit or in the parking deck next to the Medical Building 2. Patients may be dropped off at the entrance of the Day Surgery unit on the first floor and picked up at the first-floor exit of the Day Surgery unit. Notify the security attendant at the gate entrance to the parking deck for any assistance.

What is Day Surgery?

Day Surgery is a self-contained surgical unit that includes a registration area, laboratory drawing station, pre-operative holding area, five operating rooms, two minor procedure rooms and a post-anesthesia care unit. Procedures performed here include all types of outpatient surgery on patients of all age groups. Also, procedures requiring the Lithotripsy unit and some pain management procedures are performed here.

Surgery Preparation

Preps, eating, drinking and/or taking medications vary depending on the procedure. Please check with your physician regarding these issues.

After the Procedure

You will recover until your physician discharges you to home or to the hospital for continued recovery. If you are discharged to home, a designated driver and a 24-hour care person are required if an anesthetic is given.

For additional information, please call 706.774.2432 or your physician's office.

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