Where do I register?

You may call 706.774.2125 to pre-register if you prefer. Please report to the Admit Center in the Main Lobby of the hospital. 

Where do I park?

Please park in the deck located at the front of the hospital. The parking attendant and the registration staff will be happy to assist you if you require a wheelchair or have other special needs.

What is the test?

Endoscopy (including colonoscopy and sigmoidoscopy) means to view with the aid of a scope. The scope is a flexible device in which modern fiber-optic technology enables the physician to look inside the body without making an incision. The device can make color photographs to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of various disorders of the digestive and pulmonary systems. Patients receive a mild sedative during the procedure, which lasts 15-60 minutes.

Test Preparation

Preps, eating, drinking and/or taking medications vary depending on the procedure. Please check with your physician regarding these issues.

General Instructions
You must have a responsible adult with you to drive you home. We prefer that this person stay during the procedure to hear information given by the doctor, including discharge instructions. Bring all medications in the original containers or a complete list of your medications. Please be sure to tell your doctor if you are taking any blood thinners, aspirin products including Goody Powders or herbal medications. Be sure the doctor tells you which medications you can take the morning of your procedure.

Special Considerations
Wear loose, comfortable clothing. Leave all jewelry and valuables at home. Arrive one hour prior to your procedure time unless otherwise instructed by your doctor. Please plan a three- to four-hour stay.

For additional information, please call 706.774.7660.

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