Gallium Scan

Where do I register?

You may call 706.774.2125 to pre-register if you prefer. Please report to Central Registration in The Outpatient Center at your scheduled check-in time.

Where do I park?

Please park in the Outpatient Parking Lot off the main circle to the front entrance of the hospital. Inform the attendant at the gate when you enter the Outpatient Parking Lot if you need shuttle service. If you need wheelchair assistance, please park in the main hospital parking deck. 

What is the test?

A gallium scan is a nuclear medicine test that uses a scanner to take pictures of certain tissues or structures in the body. The scans are used to diagnose areas of infection, inflammation or tumors.

You will have an IV inserted in your hand or lower arm to inject a radioactive substance. The radioactive substance will remain in the body temporarily until it is passed through urine or stool. There is no danger to you or anyone else during this time. It takes several days for the radioactive material to accumulate in body tissues, and you will need to return to the hospital at different intervals during a 72-hour period to receive additional scans. You will also be given a bowel prep on the day of the procedure.

Test Preparation

These preps will be given to you on Day 1:

  • 4 Ducolax tablets (Bisacodyl), 5mg
  • 1 bottle of magnesium citrate, 10 fl. oz.
  • 3 packets of Metamucil, 12g each (only for the second imaging session)
  • 1 Fleet enema, 4.5 fl. oz.

This test takes four days to complete.

  • Day 1 (the day of the injection): You will be scanned between four and six hours after the injection.
  • Day 2: Take one Metamucil package with any non-dairy liquid at dinner time. You will be scanned for one hour or less.
  • Day 3: Take one Metamucil package with any non-dairy liquid at breakfast, and one package at lunch. Start drinking the entire bottle of magnesium citrate, and take two Ducolax tablets with a tall glass of water between 5-6 p.m. One hour later, take the two remaining Ducolax tablets with a tall glass of water. No scans.
  • Day 4: Fleet enema between 7-8 a.m. You will be scanned for one hour or less.

For additional information or if you are unable to keep your appointment, please call 706.774.3183.

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