Patient Rights, Privacy & Security

Your Safety

Piedmont Augusta security personnel are on duty around the clock. Our uniformed officers drive marked vehicles and carry two-way communication equipment. For your safety, the hospital, campus and parking areas are monitored by a closed-circuit television system. If you need a security officer, dial extension 4-2295 from the nearest house phone or dial "0" for the hospital operator and ask for Security. Learn More.

Your Rights and Responsibilities

All patients who receive services through Piedmont Augusta or its affiliates have inherent legal and moral rights and responsibilities. These rights include choice of physicians, choice of treatment, confidentiality, timely information, dignified care and personal safety. Responsibilities include following the rules and regulations of the hospital, providing accurate information, following treatment plans and fulfilling obligations. All patients are entitled to fair, considerate care and courtesy that recognizes and respects the individual. Likewise all staff members are entitled to courtesy from patients. Learn more.