Safety & Security

Information Desk

The main lobby Information Desk is staffed 24 hours a day. After 9 p.m., all non-emergency visitors must enter through the main entrance and must stop at the Information Desk for a visitor's badge. The Piedmont Heart at Augusta information desk is staffed Monday-Friday, 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. After-hours visitors to Piedmont Heart at Augusta must get a visitor's badge from the nursing supervisor.

Visitor Identification

If your patient care team determines that a family member or friend staying overnight will not adversely affect your condition, the visitor will be given an identification badge. Identifying after-hours visitors helps ensure a safe environment for everyone in the hospital.


Piedmont Augusta security personnel are on duty around the clock. Our uniformed officers drive marked vehicles and carry two-way communication equipment. For your safety, the hospital, campus and parking areas are monitored by a closed-circuit television system. If you need a security officer, dial extension 4-2295 from the nearest house phone or dial "0" for the hospital operator and ask for Security.

Safekeeping of Valuables

Valuables such as jewelry, credit cards and cash should not be kept in your room. You may deposit your valuables with Security by letting your nurse know you want to use this service. We ask that you and your visitors please not leave valuables unprotected. The hospital is not responsible for the loss of money or valuables kept in your room. Please limit the valuables you bring to the hospital to only those necessary for your stay.

Electrical Devices

To reduce possible fire or electrical hazards: You must limit your electric personal care items to the following appliances if needed during your hospital stay: hair curlers, curling iron, hair dryer, toothbrush, shaver and hair clippers. Please let your nurse know if these items are brought into the hospital. Our Biomedical Department must do a quick safety check to ensure that your equipment is working properly prior to use. For your protection, Hospital Safety Policy prohibits all other electrical appliances, including televisions, radios, toasters and coffee makers.

Fire and Disaster Drills

To ensure your safety in the event of a fire or disaster, drills are routinely held at Piedmont Augusta. If there is a drill while you are in the hospital, please remain in your room, request visitors to do the same and do not become alarmed. Fire doors will close automatically throughout the hospital when a drill is in progress. In addition, we ask that visitors not try to use elevators during a drill. Thank you for cooperating during our emergency preparedness time. In the event of a real emergency of any kind, patients and visitors will be informed by hospital staff of appropriate actions to take.