Visiting Guidelines

Adult ICU

Specific visitation guidelines for the Adult ICU will be given to the patient and their guests upon admission.


  • Semi-Private Rooms:  One parent (or adult substitute, age 16 or older) may stay with the child in the room 24 hours a day.
  • Private Rooms:  Two parents (or adults) may stay with a child in a private room.  Only one chair-bed will be provided.
  • Siblings may visit during general visiting hours if accompanied by an adult.  Siblings must be in good health (no communicable diseases) to visit.

Emergency Department

  • The Emergency Department permits two visitors at one time in the patient treatment areas.  Both parents or a maximum of two adults responsible for the child are permitted with a pediatric patient.
  • Visitors will be permitted to stay with patients receiving care at the discretion of Assistant Nurse Manager or charge nurse, primary nurse or physician. Visitors must remain inside the room with the patient. 
  • For patient safety and confidentiality, visitors found wandering outside the patient’s room will be asked to go to the patient’s room or visitor area. 
  • Visitors who do not follow these regulations or are disruptive may be escorted out of the department by hospital Security.
  • In critical/emergent situations or at the discretion of the ED nurse or physician, the Emergency Department reserves the right to restrict any visitors until the patient is stabilized. Visitors will wait in the designated waiting area during this interim period. 

Post Anesthesia Care Unit (Recovery Room)

Visitation is NOT usually allowed.  In special circumstances, a visitor may be allowed at discretion of the physician or nurse providing care. Visitors may be allowed in the PACU if a patient has been in the unit for a long time waiting on a bed.  At this time visitors are limited to 2 and will be given a specific time to visit. The time to visit depends of the unit activity.  Nurses will keep the visitors abreast of the time that they will be allowed to visit.

Day Surgery

Patients are allowed to have no more than two visitors with them in the patient holding area.  In the case of a child patient, both parents are allowed to be present during the pre-op and Phase II recovery.  Children may visit if accompanied by an adult.  Visitors must not have an infection of any kind, be suspected of having an infection, or be febrile.

Surgery Care Center

  • The Surgery Waiting Room is adjacent to the Surgery Care Center and has an open visitation policy.
  • The Surgery Care Center is an anesthesia prep area and limits visitors to one before surgery unless it is a child. Children may have both parents.  Visitors may swap out.
  • Children visitors are discouraged in the anesthesia prep area.
  • Ministers are given access to the patient to provide spiritual comfort even when there is one visitor in the room.
  • Phase II patients after surgery may have two visitors until discharge home.