What are we measuring?

This is a mostly preventable hospital-acquired infection that sometimes occurs when germs enter the urinary tract through a urinary catheter and cause infection.



NOTE: Lower numbers are better. Hover over the data points to see the exact number calculated. The standard for this measurement is less than .75.

What are we doing to improve?

Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infection (CAUTI) reduction measures include regular multi-disciplinary team meetings with the goal of zero harm related to UTI. We use evidence based guidelines to compare actual performance with potential or desired performance to determine where we can make improvements to reduce patient risk for our patient population.

Guidelines currently in practice are Urinary Management Protocol for indwelling and external urinary devices, daily review of established criteria necessity and prompt removal of urinary devices. Data is reviewed regularly with investigation drill-downs to identify opportunities to prevent CAUTI and reduce patient risk.