What are we measuring?

This is sometimes a preventable Hospital-Acquired Infection (HAI) that occasionally occurs in patients when germs (usually bacteria, fungus or mold) enter the bloodstream through the central line.



NOTE: Lower numbers are better. Hover over the data points to see the exact number calculated. The standard for this measurement is .5 or lower.

What are we doing to improve?

Central Line Associated Bloodstream Infection (CLABSI) reduction measures include regular multi-disciplinary team meetings with the goal of zero harm related to CLABSI. We use evidence based guidelines to compare actual performance with potential or desired performance to determine where we can make improvements to reduce patient risk for our patient population. Measure implementations currently in process are daily central line inspections and documentation of line necessity and daily review of all intravascular devices to assess for the prompt removal of all peripheral and centrally placed catheters.