Media Policies

Corporate Communications is responsible for all media relations for Piedmont Augusta. This includes providing all press releases and handling all media inquiries. Corporate Communications is the official Piedmont Augusta contact during a crisis situation and in all matters concerning organizational policy, services, programs, procedures, patients and employees.

Piedmont Augusta's Media Relations Policy

This policy includes information about processes followed when University Health Care System employees interact with the media. It is the responsibility of the Corporate Communications Department to foster and maintain a mutually respectful and beneficial relationship between the University Health Care System and the media.

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Condition Report Policy

It is the desire of Piedmont Augusta to cooperate wholeheartedly with the news media and the public in providing patient condition reports while respecting all patients' right to privacy.

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Photography, videotaping and interview authorization for the News Media and promotional purposes

To help ensure the privacy of patients and to assure that proper approval and documented consent are obtained for patients, former patients and/or family members when interviewed, videotaped or photographed by employees or agents of Piedmont Augusta or the news media for non-treatment/non-operations related reasons or for promotional purposes.

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Corporate graphic standards

To ensure a consistent, professional appearance throughout the organization's visual and printed communications and foster a positive public image of Piedmont Augusta and related corporations.

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