Quinoa Salmon Patties

Salmon is a wonderful source of omega-3 fatty acids. Canned salmon is a convenient and economical way to add more omega-3s to your diet.

Vegetable oil cooking spray
1 tablespoon olive oil, divided
1 bunch green onion, whites and greens chopped but separate
1 stalk celery, chopped
Zest of one lemon (about 1 teaspoon)
2 teaspoons lemon juice
2 teaspoons chopped fresh dill
1 (15 ounce) can salmon
½ cup cooked quinoa
2 teaspoons Dijon mustard
1 egg
½ teaspoon black pepper
Serve with Lemon Wedges

1. Spray a non-stick skillet with vegetable oil cooking spray and add ½ teaspoon oil to the pan, place over medium heat. Once hot add the white part of the green onions, and the celery. Stir and cook until the celery is soft (about 2 minutes). Remove from pan and allow vegetables to cool.
2. Add the ½ of the remaining onion tops to the bowl of a food processor with the lemon zest, juice and dill. Pulse the onions for 5-6 one second pulses until onions are minced.
3. Drain, de-bone and remove the skin from the salmon. Place the salmon in a large bowl and break up with a fork and then add to the food processor. Add the quinoa, mustard and celery mixture, to the food processor and pulse until dough begins to form and ingredients are mixed (~ 10 pulses).
4. Using the bowl the salmon was in whisk the egg and black pepper with a fork. Add the salmon mixture from the food processor to the egg and mix well. If you have a smaller sized egg it may be necessary to add an extra egg white to help hold the patty together. Divide the salmon into 4 equal patties and set aside.
5. Add the remaining 2 ½ teaspoons of oil to the same pan the celery was cooked in and place over medium heat. Once the oil is hot add the patties and cook until golden brown (~3 minutes). Carefully flip and cook on the other side until heated through (~2-3 minutes).

Recipe used with permission from Best Body Cookbook & Menu Plan. For more information see: www.bestbodyin52.com.

Yield: 4 Servings
Nutrition Breakdown: Calories 210, Fat 12g (2.5 saturated fat, ~750mg Omega-3), Cholesterol 70mg, Sodium 480mg, Carbohydrate 7g, Fiber 1g, Protein 18g.
Percent Daily Value: 4% Vitamin A, 15% Vitamin C, 10% Iron, 25% Calcium
Carbohydrate Choice: ½ Carbohydrates
Diabetes Exchange Value: ½ Starch, 2 ½ Medium fat meat