Cancer Survivorship Program

818 St. Sebastian Way
POB 2 | Suite 205
Augusta, GA 30901

As of January 2017, 15.5 million cancer survivors are living in the United States today. That number is expected to continue to increase thanks to better diagnostic tools and treatment options. It is important for survivors to arm themselves with the tools they need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Our Coordinator Can Help

The Survivorship Program Coordinator is a registered nurse who works with other members of the healthcare team to personalize a plan of care for patients who have finished cancer treatment. The plan includes:

  • Details of your cancer diagnosis and treatment
  • Names and contact information of your treatment providers
  • How to identify long-term and late effects from treatment and symptoms of recurrence
  • Recommendations for follow-up care
  • Recommendations for a healthy lifestyle
  • Identification of available resources

Why Schedule a Survivorship Appointment

  • Reviewing your treatment plan can help answer questions you may have about your future health risks and how to manage them.
  • Resources are available for counseling services and financial issues if needed.
  • Your personalized care plan is an important communication document that you can share with your current and future health care providers.

When to Expect a Call

Eligible patients will receive a call at the completion of treatment (surgery, chemotherapy or radiation) to set up an appointment.