Test Your Knowledge: Common Women's Health Issues

   1. Is a hot or warm shower better for dry skin?
Hot Warm
2. Should all women take estrogen replacement therapy when they reach menopausal age?

Yes No
3. Do larger or smaller women have an increased risk of osteoporosis?

Larger Smaller
4. What are the two best ways to prevent osteoporosis without hormone replacement?
A - Calcium or calcium supplements
    and weight-bearing exercise.
B - Protein and aerobic exercise.
5. Do active people or inactive people have a higher bone density?

Active Inactive
6. Which sex has twice the rate of hip fractures as the opposite sex?

Male Female
7. What hormone protects women against bone loss?

Testosterone Estrogen
8. Name 3 bones most often affected by osteoporosis.
A - Arm, shoulder and neck bones
B - Hip, wrist and spinal bones
9. What is the best food source of calcium?

High fiber Dairy products
10. Name 3 symptoms of menopause.
(Hold down Ctrl key for selections.)

11. Do smoking and drinking affect menopausal symptoms?

Yes No
12. Should a fibrocystic lump be removed?

Yes No