Breast Cancer Navigators

The Nurse Navigator is a registered nurse who guides and supports patients through the challenges of cancer. She is trained to screen for the risk of developing cancer and providing resources and education to assist patients in making informed decisions. The Nurse Navigator works with the healthcare team to promote health and quality outcomes. High risk patients and patients with breast cancer are followed throughout treatment or until no further needs are identified and are encouraged to contact the navigator post-treatment if any needs arise.

Navigation Services

The Nurse Navigator is a valuable partner in your breast healthcare journey and understands that each person has individual needs. She works to customize the coaching, counseling, teaching and supportive needs of each person. The Nurse Navigator is available to screen you for inherited risk for breast cancer and to walk you through the process should you develop breast cancer.

Navigators are available to:

  • Help understand your diagnosis
  • Educate on surgeries, treatments and tests
  • Voice any questions or concerns with physicians and other healthcare team members
  • Help you embark on Survivorship to help you live with and through a cancer diagnosis
  • Address psychosocial needs
  • Address financial concerns
  • Discuss inherited Genes-Risk Factors, if needed
  • Provide genetic testing

Survivorship Coordinator

The Survivorship Coordinator is a registered nurse, who is knowledgeable in the care of cancer patients. She strives to optimize coordination of post-treatment care. She personalizes a survivorship plan of care for patients completing active treatment.

Survivorship Services

The number of cancer survivors is steadily climbing because of better diagnostic tools and treatment options. Approximately 13 million cancer survivors are living in the United States, and survivors are dealing with some long-term effects of cancer treatment. The Survivorship Coordinator works with your healthcare team to customize a plan of action to promote your health as a cancer survivor.

The plan includes:

  • Summary of your treatment
  • Enhanced understanding of survivorship issues
  • Recommendations for a healthy lifestyle
  • Referrals for follow-up care
  • Learning symptom recognition
  • Discussion on late effects of cancer and treatment options
  • Identification of available resources
  • Coordinating support resources
  • Coordination of long-term health
  • Referrals/resources for care